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Department: School of Film/Video

The School of Film/Video is one of the world’s foremost places for the study and practice of the art of the moving image as a personal, evolving and innovative artform.

The School supports a full array of moving image/sound approaches with the overall goal of fostering “total film/videomaker artists.” The richness of the experience is predicated upon a body of motivated, intellectually curious students ready to find new forms and expressions coupled with an outstanding faculty of professional artists and technicians who share their artistry and knowledge with passion and generosity. The stimulating curriculum allows every student to expand his or her cultural experience and, in the process, develop into a better artist, with a well-informed, highly articulated personal vision.

Students in the School of Film/Video work in all modes of moving image and sound based artwork, including story- and character-based work in live-action and animated cinema; essayistic, socio-political and observational documentary projects in live-action, animation, installation and hybrid forms; and poetic, lyrical, structural and other modes of experimentation with the materials and forms of the moving image.

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