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Academic Policies - Exhibitions/Presentations Policy

Academic Policies

Exhibitions/Presentations Policy

Exhibitions/Presentations Policy

Initial Policy:

  1. Outdoor space is available for Institute purposes for the use of students, faculty or staff at the discretion of the President or designee. Allocations may not be made on a permanent basis nor may so much space be allocated to one project that other projects have less than adequate space.

  2. In allocating space, all possible latitude will be allowed for use of CalArts grounds, spaces, interior and exterior wall decoration, provided that there is no glue on glass windows, painting or other markings directly on the wall, or any alterations to Institute property without specific permission of the deans and the Institute Scheduler. The dean of each school will be responsible for authorizing use of that school’s allocated space. The Institute Scheduler is responsible for approving the use of all other space except for outdoors and office space noted in paragraph 1 and 3. Space is allocated on a first–come, first served basis. All posters are to have either the date of the event or must be dated. Posters may not be removed before the event. Posters advertising an event are considered artwork and may not be vandalized, damaged or stolen. Posters are to be removed after the event or after 30 days, whichever comes first.

  3. The use of office space is at the discretion of the dean or department head. The use of the administrative foyer and hallway (F–block, 3rd floor) and the main entry lobby (west wall and south walls) are at the discretion of the President.

  4. Posters are not to be placed on glass or wooden doors due to safety codes and/or fire regulations.

Institute Exhibit Review Committee
In order to implement and maintain exhibit policies, there shall be an ad hoc review committee structured as follows:

The Institute Exhibit Review Committee shall consist of the following:

  1. One representative from each School appointed by the deans

  2. The Vice President/CFO

  3. The Institute Scheduler

The following are the responsibilities of this committee:

  1. The review of policy to govern the use of exterior space.

  2. The allocation of space or the adjudication of any difference of opinion concerning an exhibit or presentation.

School Responsibilities

  1. Each School is responsible for choosing a representative to the committee.

  2. Each School is responsible for establishing procedures for governing the hanging/exhibiting of objects and/or presentations within the space assigned to the School.

  3. Exhibits/presentations must meet all applicable city, county, state and federal laws.


  1. CalArts does not censor any work on the basis of content, nor is any work at the Institute subject to prior censorship.

  2. If any person objects to any exhibit or presentation, that person should convey the objection in writing to the student’s dean. The person will receive a written answer to the objection within 48 hours of its receipt. If the person is dissatisfied with the decision, he/she may appeal the decision to the Institute Exhibit Review Committee. The decision of the Committee is final.