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Academic Policies



Grade Reports

Online class rosters and grade reports certify the student’s official enrollment and provide the official grade for the course. At the end of each semester the instructor is responsible for entering grades online according to instructions and deadlines issued by the Registrar. The Registrar is responsible for recording all approved changes in grades on the student’s permanent record. At the end of each semester grades are available to students via the Hub,

Mentor’s Report

The Mentor’s Report serves as an indication of the student’s progress toward the degree or certificate. It is prepared online by the mentor each year and is subject to the dean’s review. All Mentor Reports will be entered online via the Hub no later than the third Thursday after the end of the Spring semester. Reports must be available for students to view online no later than the third Thursday after graduation day of the academic year. Mentor’s Reports are mandatory.

These reports are available to the student online as part of the student’s electronic record. The Mentor’s Report may include information about the student’s advancement in year level, Critical Studies maintenance of effort (BFA students), completion of the course work of each semester, as well as an overall assessment of the student’s activities in the metier.