Class Signup Checklist​

Register for your classes online through the CalArts Catalog. After you review the schedule of information, follow this step-by-step checklist to prepare for class signup.

1. Meet with Your Mentor

The primary role of the assigned mentor includes the following: 

  • Guidance and advice on student progress within the métier.
  • Support for student needs with the aim of developing self-advocacy.
  • Encouragement, and critique, of a student's self-evaluation as an emerging artist.

2. Meet with an Academic Advisor

Academic Advisors complement the guidance students receive from their mentor; in a collaborative partnership, advisors can help students focus their academic, personal and career goals while working toward fulfilling the requirements of their degree. CalArts recommends that students seek out academic advising at least twice a semester to make sure that they remain on a viable educational track.  

Academic advising is available 10 am-4 pm, Monday-Thursday and 10am-3pm, on Friday during the school year.

3. Prepare for Enrollment Restrictions

  • Permission of Instructor Required: If you plan to select classes requiring the consent of an instructor or departmental approval, add the course to your preferred list (see the Class Signup page "Build Your Preferred List of Sections"), and attend Course Advising Day and/or the first day of class to get approval to enroll.
  • Independent Study Courses: Independent study courses require the instructor, Dean, Project Dean (if study is with the faculty outside your school), and Critical Studies Dean (for BFA CS credit only) permission before registering. If you want to add an independent study course, complete the Independent Study/Project Contract form located on the Hub.
  • Courses with Prerequisites: Many courses have prerequisites, which are intended to help you succeed in the course. You are expected to comply with them. However, if you don't meet the prerequisites, you can meet with the faculty member of the class on Course Advising day to request permission to enroll.
  • Courses with Restrictions: Some courses have restrictions that limit registration to students meeting certain criteria (e.g., school, program, year level). These restrictions will prevent you from registering online if you don't meet the criteria. Consult the faculty/department offering the course if exceptions to these restrictions are required.

4. Clear Registration Holds

  • If you have any registration holds on your record, that information will appear in a red banner when you log into the Hub.
  • The appropriate academic or administrative office must clear all holds online before you can register.

5. Register for a Complete Schedule

Register for a complete schedule of courses for the semester as soon as possible after online registration opens and/or Course Advising Day.

  • Minimum 12 units for all BFA students, and for MFA students in the Schools of Art, Dance or Music School, and first-year MA students.
  • Minimum 9 units for MFA students in the Schools of Critical Studies, Film, and Theater
  • Minimum 6 units for second-year MA students.

Although additional seats may become available in some classes and additional sections may be added prior to the start of the semester, do not delay completing your schedule based on the assumption that seats will eventually become available in classes that have closed.

6. Submit Graduation Information (If Relevant)

If you plan to graduate at the end of the semester, be sure to complete the Application for Graduation