Getting Your Sh*t Together BFA
Open to BFA4 Art School students only. This course may be open to students at other year levels, and in other Schools, by Permission of Instructor. Everything you ever wanted to know about survival after art school. Loads of information, provocative discussions about issues such as ethics, curatorial practice and presentation spaces (galleries to alternative sites), finding a job, resumes, artist statements, presenting yourself, legal and business issues, studio visits, raising money with and without grantwriting, DIY strategies and much more. Professionalism and the responsibility of the artist will be addressed. Visitors and guests, field trips and 'behind the scenes' peeks. Attendance required, with some required projects that will benefit your career. GYST software is provided as part of the class, (you can download it at as a free trial). You will be presenting your portfolio to a group of local curators at the end of the class. Students who take this class are less frazzled when they graduate, know the ins and outs of the artworld, and have their sh*t together. If you are not sure if you need this class or not, come on by and have a chat with Karen. She will give you a survey to find out what you need to know as an artist.

Course Name: AART-400
Departments: School of Art